Todd Sucherman

Todd Sucherman has been a drummer since he was a baby. His father was a drummer. His onstage career started with a family band, “The Sucherman Brothers”, and Todd was their drummer at age six. He continued through the Berklee School of Music, went on to first-call session work in Chicago, and presently holds down the drum chair with the top progressive-rock band Styx. His career as a drummer is remarkable. It’s distinguished.

Still, I am not sure that his drumming skills alone explain why he has been featured on the front covers of Modern Drummer magazine, Drum magazine, Drummer UK—as well as being a Modern Drummer poll-winner for best rock drummer in 2008, and best Progressive-Rock drummer this year.

Those drumming skills do get him thousands of session hits, as well as appearances at drum festivals and clinics. But I think the real reason Todd is front-and-center in the drumming world is that he cares.

His award-winning instructional videos (titled Methods and Mechanics I and II) raised the bar for production values. They win polls as well. His clinics share vast amounts of his accumulated knowledge.

And if you go to his website, look up the Ask Todd section. He throws his mailbox open and patiently takes on hundreds of questions.

A drummer with a vast store of knowledge about rhythm and percussion, who is generous about sharing it—sounds like a great Drummeradio guest to me!

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Todd Sucherman Playlist

My Bird Performs — XTC

Album: Nonsuch, 1992
Drums: Dave Mattacks

Islands — Steps Ahead

Album: Steps Ahead, 1983
Drums: Peter Erskine

Enigmatic Ocean Part II — Jean Luc Ponty

Album: Enigmatic Ocean, 1977
Drums: Steve Smith

Somebody Saved Me — Pete Townshend

Album: All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes, 1982
Drums: Simon Phillips

One World (Not Three) — The Police

Album: Ghost in the Machine, 1981
Drums: Stewart Copeland

Gaucho — Steely Dan

Album: Gaucho, 1980
Drums: Jeff Porcaro

Life of the Party — Tony Williams

Album: Foreign Intrigue, 1985
Drums: Tony Williams

That Voice Again — Peter Gabriel

Album: So, 1986
Drums: Manu Katché

Voyager Prelude and Liftoff — Bill Meyers

Album: Images, 1986
Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta

Lucky — Into the Green

Album: Ghettos and Oceans
Drums: Todd Sucherman

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