Rick Marotta

Rick Marotta.

Rick Marotta is a drummers’ drummer who turns up over and over again on the list of history’s most flawless recordings: Steely Dan, James Taylor, Paul Simon, David Sanborn, Boz Scaggs, Linda Ronstadt, Carly Simon, Toni Childs, Tom Scott, Jackson Browne, The Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, Warren Zevon, Roxy Music, Hall and Oates, and Aretha Franklin, to get the list started.

Flawless isn’t enough, though; Musicians and producers seek out Rick because of that special “feel”, the indescribable quality that separates good drummers from great ones. He’s at the top of the music world, with just a few others to keep him company.

Rick didn’t get there the usual way: he was a dancer before he began playing drums, and he didn’t start playing until he was 19. Also, Rick is self-taught. Along the way, he became a composer for film, television and commercials, as well as a producer.

These are not the usual influences, and this is not the usual path— Rick has managed to take a vast well of talent and shape it in a way that could never happen again. 

I trust these won’t be the usual music selections on our show, either— Rick has a perspective like no other, and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about the music he picked for us

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Rick Marotta Playlist

Tatler — Ry Cooder

Album: Paradise and Lunch, 1974
Drums: Jim Keltner

Bad Women, a Dime a Dozen — Jackie Thompson

Album: Single, 1969
Drums: Bernard Purdie

Only You Know and I Know — Dave Mason

Album: Alone Together, 1970
Drums: Jim Gordon

Nite Sprite — Chick Corea

Album: The Leprechaun, 1983
Drums: Steve Gadd

In Time — Sly and Family Stone

Album: Fresh, 1973
Drums: Andy Newmark

Living it Down — Delbert McClinton

Album: Nothing Personal, 2001
Drums: Ricky Fataar

Wicked as it Seems — Keith Richards

Album: Main Offender, 1992
Drums: Steve Jordan

The Brother — Robben Ford and the Blueline

Album: Robben Ford and the Blue Line, 1992
Drums: Tom Brechtlein

I have the Touch — Peter Gabriel

Album: Security, 1982
Drums: Jerry Marotta

Hour that the Morning Comes — James Taylor

Album: Dad Loves His Work, 1981
Drums: Rick Marotta

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