Will Calhoun

There are a few drummers out there who have played through several eras and reflected the style of more than one time. But has there ever been anyone who covers multiple eras of music’s evolution… all at the same time?

Will Calhoun is at the top of the art form in Acoustic  Jazz, Hard Rock, Alt-Rock, Traditional Ethnic Drumming, and House, Acid jazz and Electronica… all at the same time.

Will stands astride these multiple musical worlds with a great ability to express himself authentically and clearly, not only as a musician, but (luckily for us at Drummeradio) as an eloquent commentator too.

For many people, a top-ten album going double-platinum would be the culmination of a great musical journey. For Will it was just the beginning, and that’s why I couldn’t wait to hear the music he picked for Drummeradio.

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Will Calhoun Playlist

Led Boots — Jeff Beck

Album: Wired, 1976
Drums: Narada Michael Walden

Nefertiti — Miles Davis

Album: Nefertiti, 1967
Drums: Tony Williams

Corrado — Miles Davis

Album: Bitches’ Brew, 1970
Drums: Billy Cobham

Destiny — Elvin Jones

Album: On The Mountain, 1975
Drums: Elvin Jones

Nubian Sundance (Live) — Weather Report

Album: Mysterious Traveler, 1974
Drums: Eric Gravatt

Funky Vibe — Living Colour

Video Remix Version
Drums: Will Calhoun

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