Rich Redmond

Rich Redmond.

It was 13 years ago that Del Davis (drummer for the band Little Texas) told me to keep an eye on the drummer in a new country band that was forming up: Rushlow.

That drummer, Rich Redmond, and I hit it off well, and for years one of my daughters wore an XL Rushlow shirt as a nightshirt.

Nashville, and the music it is famous for, has a unique class-system among professional musicians. There are the hard-working many, who tour behind the famous artists for hundreds of days each year, and the gifted few, who usually record the albums that these same artists release. It is very hard to break into the elite studio group, and it is rare for these two groups to mix.

Then there’s Rich Redmond.

When Rushlow the band broke up, Rich and two other members became the nucleus of Jason Aldean’s band—not just to tour, but to record the music as well. The band’s great sound and stage show powered Aldean through multiple platinum albums, #1 singles, music awards, and sold-out tours to the top of the music business.

That wasn’t enough: Rich and his bandmates formed New Voice Entertainment, a production company that writes, records, and produces for other acts as well.

Rich is also busy as a successful motivational speaker with his Crash Course for Success, which fires up corporate groups just as much as if fires up musicians.

Rich has gone beyond that, though— I’m not sure how he fits it all in— He has taken the best of his ongoing drum teaching career and written the book and DVD: FUNdamentals of Drumming for Kids.

If it seems to you like he is doing everything at once, and on the way to running the entire world, you would be right: Next October he will host his third annual convention of drummers: the Crash Course With Rich Drummer Weekend in Nashville next October 30th.

When Rich fits in a run for President of the United States, my daughter’s T-shirt will become a collector’s item, if it isn’t already.

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Rich Redmond Playlist

Bennie and the Jets — Elton John

Album: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, 1974
Drums: Nigel Olsson

Just the Two of Us — Grover Washington, Jr.

Album: Winelight, 1981
Drums: Steve Gadd

Double Vision — Foreigner

Album: Double Vision, 1978
Drums: Dennis Elliot

So Lonely — The Police

Album: Outlandos D’Amour, 1978
Drums: Stewart Copeland

Rainbow in the Dark — Dio

Album: Holy Diver, 1983
Drums: Vinny Appice

Red Baron — Billy Cobham

Album: Spectrum, 1973
Drums: Billy Cobham

Bang A Gong — Power Station

Album: The Power Station, 1985
Drums: Tony Thompson

Small Town — John Cougar Mellencamp

Album: Scarecrow, 1985
Drums: Kenny Aronoff

I’m Losing You — Faces

Album: Every Picture Tells a Story, 1971
Drums: Kenny Jones

We Danced Anyway — Deanna Carter

Album: Did I Shave My Legs For This?, 1996
Drums: Greg Morrow

My Kinda Party — Jason Aldean

Album: My Kinda Party, 2010
Drums: Rich Redmond

Johnny Cash — Jason Aldean

Album: Relentless, 2007
Drums: Rich Redmond

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