Jonathan Mover

In addition to a great career at the highest professional level  of music, Jonathan Mover has a very sharp pair of ears. One inspiration for the Drummeradio show arose for a conversation with Jonathan in which he impressed me to no end with his insights on some of the finer points of rhythm—instances where the drummer found just the right place to speed up or slow down to elevate the music in a way that a drum machine could never do; the dynamics of playing on top of the beat versus laying back; and some critiques of the flaws of a couple of drummers I had thought of as flawless.

I ended that evening wishing that we had been able to play the music we were talking about, on demand. It also would have been great to record the entire conversation.

If it’s even possible, Jonathan’s insights are even sharper now. He has continued his great drumming career, touring with bands like Alice Cooper and The Tubes, has kept up his studio tan, even fixing other drummers’ tracks for album releases, but has also taken on another, intriguing project—As the editor of Drumhead magazine, Jonathan puts his knowledge into every issue, and in eight years there, has spoken to nearly everyone in the world of percussion, even to me here at Drummeradio…

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Jonathan Mover (Episode 1) Playlist

Put Up Or Shut Up — The Three Little Pigs

Drumhead Magazine Download, 1987
​Drums: Jonathan Mover

Poli High — Harry Nilsson

Album: The Point, 1971
Drums: Earl Palmer

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida — Iron Butterfly

Album: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, 1968
Drums: Ron Bushie

Toccata – Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

Album: Brain Salad Surgery, 1973
Drums: Carl Palmer

East of Asteroid — 801

Album: 801 Live, 1976
Drums: Simon Phillips

Nite Sprite — Chick Corea

Album: The Leprechaun, 1976
Drums: Steve Gadd

Misty Mountain Hop — Led Zeppelin

Album: Untitled (Led Zeppelin IV), 1971
Drums: John Bonham

He Used To Cut The Grass — Frank Zappa

Album: Joe’s Garage Acts II and III, 1979
Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta

Dropped — Jon Szenics

(Album not yet released)
Drums: Jonathan Mover

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