Jason Sutter

Jason Sutter is a hired gun in the best sense of the word—His aim is true, and he’s a straight–shooter.

Since I first met him as the up-and-coming drummer for the band, Jack Drag, Jason has moved onward and upward, picking up recording and touring experience with a list of some of Rock and Roll’s greatest names, names like American HiFi, The New York Dolls, Foreigner, Marilyn Manson, Smashmouth, Vertical Horizon, Chris Cornell from Soundgarden, Julianna Hatfield, and most recently, Shooter Jennings (son of Waylon Jennings).

It’s a list that is surprisingly long for someone as young as Jason: a lot of these tours and sessions came after tough auditions. How does someone ace so many auditions when every other drummer called in is talented and capable, too? It helps to be easy to work with, and to have a great pair of ears, tons of experience and the ability to combine these into a great sensitivity to what you are listening to. That also sounds like the ideal guest for Drummeradio.

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Jason Sutter Playlist

Spoonman Drum Solo

Live in Concert with Chris Cornell

Nuclear Burn — Brand X

Album: Unorthodox Behaviour, 1976
Drums: Phil Collins

Little by Little — Robert Plant

Album: Shaken and Stirred, 1985
Drums: Richie Hayward

Fairies Wear Boots (live) — Ozzy Osborne

Album: Speak of the Devil Live, 1982

Windows — Missing Persons

Album: Spring Session M, 1982

Jungle Love/Jet Airliner/Swingtown — Steve Miller

Album: Fly Like An Eagle, 1976
Drums: Gary Mallaber

Sweet Revenge — Tony Williams

Album: Million Dollar Legs, 1976
Drums: Tony Williams

Jamie’s Cryin’ — Van Halen

Album: Van Halen I, 1978
Drums: Alex Van Halen

Light Up the Sky — Van Halen

Album: Van Halen II, 1979
Drums: Alex Van Halen

Down and Out — Genesis

Album: …And Then Therre Were Three, 1978
Drums: Phil Collins

Afterglow Excerpt — Genesis

Album: Three Sides Live, 1982
Drums: Phil Collins

My Wave — Soundgarden

Album: Superunknown, 1994
Drums: Matt Cameron

Why’d You Lie to Me — Michael Landau

Album: Michael Landau Live 2000, 2001
Drums: Jason Sutter

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