David Garibaldi

David Garibaldi.

One of my first drum teachers would finish every lesson by giving his students a chance to put on a pair of headphones and play along with a record. It was always a song with an incredible beat.

One fateful afternoon, the song was “What is Hip?” by Tower of Power. I was lost. Between the syncopated horns and David Garibaldi’s elegant, funky beat, I spent most of the song trying to find my place.

At the same time, I was hypnotized by the music. Even if I couldn’t play it on that first try, I knew that what I was hearing was irresistible. Rhythms from that song still resonate with me to this day.

That is the substance of David Garibaldi’s appeal— subtle, complex rhythms that still make you want to dance. Drummeradio guests here from three generations talk about the influence David has had on them.

With so many important musicians pointing to David as a key influence to their approach, It made sense to call him and let him talk about some music that has been important to him.

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David Garibaldi’s Playlist

Those Girls — Maceo Parker

Album: Made by Maceo, 2003
Drums: Jamal Thomas

‘Bout to Make Me Leave Home — Syl Johnson

Album: Total Explosion, 1975
Drums: Howard Grimes

Jessica’s Day — Tommy Igoe

Album: Tommy Igoe Groove Conspiracy, 2014
Drums: Tommy Igoe

Shakin’ the Ground — Ole Borud

Album: Shakin’ the Ground, 2008
Drums: Per Lindval

Look-Ka Py Py — The Meters

Album: Look-Ka Py Py, 1969
Drums: Zigaboo Modeliste

Maiden Voyage — Herbie Hancock

Album: Maiden Voyage, 1965
Drums: Tony Williams

Funky Women — Maceo and All the King’s Men

Album: Doing Their Own Thing, 1971
Drums: Melvin Parker

Let a Woman be a Woman, Let a Man be a Man — Dyke and the Blazers

Single, 1969
Drums: James Gadson (103rd St Rhythm Band)

I Got the Feelin’ — James Brown

Album: I Got the Feelin’ , 1969
Drums: Clyde Stubblefield

Super Bad — James Brown

Single, 1970
Drums: Jabo Starks

Fly Me to the Moon — Frank Sinatra and the Count Basie Orchestra

Album: It Might as Well be Swing, 1964
Drums: Sonny Payne

Los Buyes — Gonzalo Rubalcaba

Album: Paseo, 2004
Drums: Ignacio Berroa
Percussion: Gonzalo Rubalcaba

Rock Steady — Aretha Franklin

Album: Young, Gifted and Black, 1971
Drums: Bernard Purdie